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Archit Lal



A Bit About Me

Not eating, Not sleeping, just in “The Zone”, I have been obsessed with building robots and coding for as far as my memory can backtrack itself. Striving to build a better life for the people around me by contributing what I can to construct a better future for the next generations -

My sole purpose ? - maybe:
All I know is “I love creating stuff”


Created Bharat Prosthetics

Computer Vision Research Pioneer and Architect

Building DailyLink

- Engineered cost-effective AI powered Augmented Reality glasses for the hearing-impaired community, all within the modest budget of Rs. 2000.

- These visionary glasses effectively transform spoken language into real-time enchanting textual accompaniments, generating new ways of communication.

- I unveiled this groundbreaking innovation to restaurants in India with hearing impaired waiters, ushering in an era of inclusivity and heartfelt communication for all.

Upon noticing the time wasted by my teachers to take the roll call MANUALLY of EACH student before EVERY lecture, I developed an autonomous AI powered facial recognition model integrated with a Raspberry Pi for City Montessori School Lucknow- THE WORLDS LARGEST SCHOOL which Consists of over 1,00,000+ students !

Collaborating with the school’s administration, I built a dataset to store each students details and trained a machine learning model on it which successfully marked the attendance of each student in less that 0.001 seconds with unreal accuracy and fault correction.

Cool right ! It saves a bunch of time.
I learnt how exciting it is to deal with real world data- Recording, Pre-Processing, Training, Testing and implementing it to provide real world solutions to real world problems !

Once upon a time, there was a magical app. When people needed help at home, like fixing a leaky pipe or finding a babysitter, they'd open the app. It was like a magic wand!

  1. People tap the app and say what they need.

  2. The app finds a special person nearby, like a superhero, who can do the job.

  3. The superhero comes to help, and people can pay with the app or real coins.

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